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Installation Instructions

NEW - Clamp-on Safety Gate

1a. Simply mount and tighten 3 sets of U-bolts on pipe handrails
1b. Tighten 2 sets of mounting brackets for square tube handrails

2. Set the adjustable jam nut for final alignment

3. Tighten the lock bolt

4 . All bolts must be tightened to a minimum 16 foot pounds of torque.

Regular Safety Gate

1. Determine which side of handrail to mount the hinge.

2. Drill 9/16" holes as shown in figure 1.

3. Mount gate as shown in figure 2 using supplied bolts and backing bar. Note: If mounting gate on a flat bar ladder, a shorter bolt is required (not included).Tighten mounting bolts securely.

4. If gate does not close in proper direction, first, re-locate stop plate to opposite side of gate , then rotate spring 180 degrees, by removing long bolt.

5. Tighten lock nuts securely while ensuring gate swings freely to closed position. (Over-tightening bolt will bind the hinge)

6. Adjust set screw for small adjustments to closed position of gate.